About Us

This is a resource website designed to keep all Texans informed about the vital role local schools play in communities across Texas.

This website is designed to clarify the myths and misperceptions regarding school districts that send local property tax revenue away from their communities through a mechanism called “recapture,” which is also known as Robin Hood. We provide updates on legislative and legal developments related to public school finance in Texas.

For more information on Texans for Local Schools, please contact [email protected]. Please also stay engaged with our work and updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter. We are the independent grassroots organization of the Texas School Coalition.

Local Funding

Texas schools are supported by local property tax revenue from their local community. School districts subject to Robin Hood are almost exclusively funded by this local revenue and now send $2 billion of that local property tax revenue to the State of Texas each year. 

Local Control

Local control has long been recognized as the key for school districts to flourish. Local voters elect leaders to make the best decisions for students and families in their community. The best decisions are local decisions made by the very people those decisions will affect.

Local Schools

Texas schools represent the hope and future of our state. Schools also represent the unique set of priorities, values, and spirit of the local community. Local neighborhood schools bring people together, and when schools and communities work hand-in-hand, that is when both are most successful.