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Who represents me?

It's really important to know who represents you in the Texas Senate and the Texas House of Representatives.  Elected officials like to hear from their constituents--and that's you!  If you aren't sure who represents you in the Texas Legislature, or if you need help finding contact information to get in touch with them, you can access both those things right here.

Who Represents Me?

find tips for how to communicate with your legislators

How should I get in touch?

When you look up your members of the Texas House and Texas Senate, you can click on their names and find phone numbers, their mailing address, and click on a link to send an email.  All of those are ways you can get in touch, using some of the sample messages provided below, or with a message of your own.  Remember, that the more personal you can be as that legislator's constituent, the more meaningful your communication will be.

Another way to communicate with your elected officials (once you know who they are) is to look them up on social media.  Most legislators have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  You can be in touch with them by tagging them in messages about topics you care about, or you can send a direct message using those social media channels.  You can also like or comment on posts from your legislator to share your views.  Click on the button below to find a list of the Twitter accounts used by members of the Texas Legislature.

Twitter Accounts used by Texas Legislators

Find sample messages to get you started

What should I say?

Now that you know who and how, what you say is the most important part! You can click on the link below to access a library of some sample messages you can use to write or e-mail your legislators, some talking points to use on phone calls, and some sample social media posts you may want to use to show your support for your local public schools and community.

Click here to access sample messages