Sample Message

Don’t Break Promises to Students

Copy and paste this message into an email or printed message you can customize and send to your legislators:

The Senate version of HB 1525, the school finance “cleanup” bill, paves the way for funding reductions that will harm our students. Please do not pass this bill.

CSHB 1525 threatens to break promises made by legislators. It expressly gives the unelected Commissioner of Education the power to reduce school districts’ funding. Further, it puts an arbitrary cap on the Formula Transition Grants that the Legislature created to protect schools from the negative impact of formula changes.

CSHB 1525 also breaks the promise not to use federal COVID relief funding to supplant state and local funding. It requires school districts to put some dollars away in reserves for several years, slowing down the distribution of dollars to schools. However, students need help right now! Legislators shouldn’t stand in the way.

Please speak up for Texas kids and stop CSHB 1525 from moving forward unless changes are made to keep the promises  to Texas schools and students.

Or if you prefer to place a phone call, we suggest the following main points with any other message you want to share:
• Hello, my name is ____________, and I am a constituent.
• The Senate version of CSHB 1525 paves the way for funding reductions for schools.
• Please do not pass this bill in its current form.
• CSHB 1525 limits funding for schools and breaks a promise to students.
• Oppose CSHB 1525 unless Sections 24 and 25 are removed from the bill. 
• Thank you for your service to our state and community, and also for your time today. 

Remember, you can find the contact information (email, mailing address, and phone number) for your legislator at: Who Represents Me?