About Us

This is a resource website sponsored by Texans for Local Schools designed to keep all Texans informed about the vital role local schools play in providing a quality education for all schoolchildren in the state.

This website is designed to clarify the myths and misperceptions regarding school districts that send local property tax revenue away from their communities through a mechanism called ‘recapture’, which is also known as ‘Robin Hood.’  These districts are known as ‘Chapter 41’ school districts, based on the chapter in the Texas Education Code where these laws are found.

We will keep our readers updated on the numerous legal challenges filed against the state school finance system as well as legislative actions and other funding developments.

For more information on Texans for Local Schools, please contact updates@texansforlocalschools.org.

We are the independent grassroots organization of the Texas School Coalition. Texansforlocalschools.org is managed as a resource for citizens who are interested and involved in Chapter 41 school districts and communities.