Local Schools

Every community has something that makes them unique, whether that community is located along the Texas coast, in a large urban city, in a small town in the piney woods, or on the south plains without a store or gas station for 30 miles. Some localities are dependent on one major industry, while others benefit from diverse opportunities and interests. Each community has a history that brought them to where they are today and a unique set of needs faced by citizens, educators, and students.

Some schools struggle to pay educators a wage high enough to live on in a high cost of living community, while other face the challenge of attracting employees to a region without much available housing in which new community members can live.

Each distinct set of qualities—both strengths and challenges—are what make up the personality of the local school. That local school reflects the character of the community.

No one knows the needs of their local schools quite like the people of the community in which that school is located, and that is why the best decisions are made by the people who live, work, and are served by that local school.

Help us keep the ‘local’ in local schools.